Master Database


Here we share our raw coding database of >1,000 papers we reviewed for a recent literature review.

Note: we recommend you open the master database in a separate tab by clicking here. The preview below shows you the database but requires a lot of scrolling.

  •  You will find information about each paper on the paper-level (reference, year published, journal, literature)
  • You will also find extensive information on the study-level (study design, number of participants, communication channel, how impasses were reported and why, etcetera).
  • You can use the menu at the top of the master database sheet as a filter to only entries that fit certain requirements. For example, you might want to only see papers that were published in particular journal (filter: journal is = select journal)
  • You can also group the available entries by one of the columns. For example, you could group all >1,000 papers by literature (group: literature) to see how these papers are distributed across the various literatures
  • You can also sort the entries to show them in a particular order (e.g. by year or alpabetically)

Short introduction video

The video below gives you a short introduction to how you can get the most of out of the master database sheet. We hope you find this useful. 

You can see a preview of the master database sheet below. We recommend you open the full version of the database sheet in a separate tab by clicking here


Short text introducing the OSF page.